Alternative Asset Investments

The interest of Institutional Investors in the investment into renewable energy and infrastructure assets remains high. Have a look at Caplantic´s services in this field. Find out more

In the past 30 years, commercial air transportation figures have shown an average growth rate of 5% p.a., have doubled in size within 15 years and continue to show stable long-term growth rates. Gain first-hand information on currently available opportunities in the aviation market. Find out more

The development of the German and European Real Estate markets have shown two very different facets of the market. After the crises, the request for sustainable investments in stable regions with good locations continues to grow. information on currently available opportunities in the Real Estate market. Find out more

Despite the ongoing shipping crisis, certain segments of the industry are still offering attractive investment opportunities. Gain first-hand information on which possibilities are currently available in the Shipping market. Find out more

What our customers and experts say

Caplantic manages a large multi-asset portfolio for us. In addition to reporting and Workout monitoring, their services include simulations of all relevant risks with the help of multivariate portfolio models. In our opinion, Caplantic does an excellent job. They are simply a great team.

Richard Robb
CEO Christofferson, Robb and Company & Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University's School of International & Public Affairs

Both direct and indirect investments in real estate risks have certainly established themselves as the cornerstone of alternative asset investment. Low interest rate levels together with continuously growing demand for real estate investments have strongly eroded returns and loan margins in this segment. Especially important in such an environment, is the close cooperation with managers and experts, who have substantial knowledge and experience of the asset class - essential for an investor to make the right decisions.

Gerd Kremer
GLL Real Estate Partners
Managing Director

The administrative illustration and processing of indirect private equity investments is not trivial. The individual character of the investments however can often contain high levels of complexity. It is important to be able to trust the technical know-how, the technical systems and precision of the high standard processes. The Caplantic team has a lot of experience in this respect and the necessary economies of scale. This should, in the long run, be a very worthwhile point for mid-sized investors.

Kerstin Bors
Lawyer | Tax Advisor | Partner
optegra GmbH & Co. KG

The importance and value of internal ratings within the insurance industry have been strengthened by governing bodies through various initiatives and is an obligatory requirement in credit risk. Working together with a service provider that has access to an approved rating tool can be a viable alternative to building one’s own rating process, particularly in the case of small insurance companies.

Prof. Dr. J.-Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg
Competence Centre
for Insurance Sciences, Hannover

Alternative investments continue to become more attractive in the investment strategy of insurance companies and pension funds, especially due to the above-average returns, the diversification of assets and due to the low interest rates within the bond and Pfandbrief market.

Anette Schmitt
KPMG Partner
Deal Advisory, M&A

The newly formed Caplantic team - formerly Talanx Private Equity – has convinced us, in recent years by its high level of expertise, its commitment to customer service and its ability to map the private equity value chain.

Eberhard Vetter
Head of investments
at RAG Stiftung

The world trade functions as the driving force of affluence only based on increasingly efficient shipbuilding. Shipbuilding and marine engineering are industries of the future with large growth opportunities.

Dr. Reinhard Lüken, Verband für Schifffahrt und Meerestechnik (VSM)

Financial Solutions & Services

Caplantic offers financial solutions to complex transactions for banks as well as investors. In this context Caplantic acts as the facilitating interface between originators and investors. Depending on the needs of the customer, a wide range of services can be realised e.g. securitisations or capital relief transactions.

Caplantic’s ‘financial solutions’ services range from complete project planning and execution mandates to consulting, internal credit rating, structuring, and placement as well as reporting and monitoring.

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