Our Philosophy

In order to respond to the challenges of highly volatile Stock Exchange markets, many institutional investors and Family Offices increase their allocation to Private Equity investments. Caplantic’s experts provide tailor-made investment solutions alongside a fully integrated process chain, deliberately avoiding sourcing from third parties.

Track Record

Caplantic has been actively advising institutional clients for their investment into Private Equity funds since 2012. Based in Cologne, Caplantic currently manages and administrates a portfolio of more than EUR 10.5 billion of Alternative Investments in Private Equity. This makes Caplantic one of the leading providers of Alternative Investment services in Europe. We place significant importance on the fact that none of our Shareholders can overwhelmingly influence any of our advisory activities and that all decisions are made independently at the Caplantic level.  

The former Talanx Private Equity team has been an integral part of Caplantic since June 2015. This team manages the Private Equity portfolio of Talanx Group as well as portfolios for third parties. The team has more than 15 years experience in investing in the field.

Caplantic’s investment performance has continuously outperformed the market average. A consistent due diligence process is core to our success, together with ongoing screening and risk assessment as well as benchmarking of our investments using our proprietary database.

We have deliberately chosen not to use third party suppliers but to provide all substantial services internally to be able to retain all the essential knowledge in-house. Additionally, close collaboration with the respective management teams of our Investments enables us to provide state-of-the art services throughout the life cycle of an investment.

A unique feature is the partnership with our shareholder Talanx Group in respect of private equity investments. Talanx has successfully invested in private equity for more than 30 years – with more than 300 commitments over the past 17 years.

Additionally, Caplantic’s specific group of shareholders, comprising banks and insurance companies provides us with a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and enables us to assist our customers with complex operational challenges, for example in matters such as CRA III, ORSA, Solvency II or any new investment regulation (Anlageverordnung).

Private Equity Value-Added Chain

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Caplantic's Private Equity Key Facts
Private equity team member
> 38
Committed fund investments
> 200
Assets under management
> EUR 3 Bn.
Assets under Administration
> EUR 11 Bn.