Private Equity

Private equity investments consist of equity investments in privately held companies outside the scope of the Stock Exchanges. Transactions in the Private Equity field are often structured as a leveraged buyout transaction (LBO). Consequently, such investment involves the use of significant leverage, so the resulting increased risk profile requires thorough and comprehensive due diligence. Banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors, as well as high net worth individuals, often invest indirectly through Private Equity Funds and thereby rely on experienced managers to identify and select their underlying investments. Caplantic‘s team of experts has many years of experience in analysing, evaluating and selecting Private Equity Funds. Beyond the assessment of PE Managers, Caplantic offers a constantly optimised and comprehensive administration service for Alternative Investment Funds. Caplantic uses evaluation and mapping tools, which are designed to provide specific customer-related data and information in respect of analysis, forecasting and evaluation of their investments. Investment Proposals and concepts are tailored by Caplantic to fit the specific requirements and needs of each customer.


Caplantic ESG Policy (PDF)

Caplantic Private Equity - Overview (PDF)


Caplantic offers its customers the entire value-added investment process in private equity fund investments and has deliberately refrained from outsourcing any sub-processes.

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Manager Selection

Caplantic's private equity team members have an average of more than 10 years experience in the assessment of Private Equity Fund investments, including in previous roles at Talanx Group. To date the team has committed to investments in more than 300 funds.

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Investment Administration & Services

In addition to the basic services such as cash flow analysis, quarterly reporting and planning scenarios we can, depending on our customers’ needs, also take care of the administration of the entire investment.

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Our Expert for Private Equity

Dr. Thomas Mann